ACORD 25 Certificate - Marking Holder as Additional Insured


The procedure below is used to mark an Additional Insured for a specified holder on an ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance. Marking a holder as an additional insured will place an X in the appropriate column when printed or emailed.

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Before You Begin:

Before a form can be created, a policy or submission must exist.  



  1. Load the client on one of the four Client Tabs
  2. Select the Forms tab at the bottom.
  3. Select the existing ACORD 25 Certificate to modify. (To create a new certificate, see ACORD 25 Certificate - Create and Add Holders)
  4. Select Choose Certificate Holders on the bottom of the form.

  5. Highlight the holder and select Interest Properties. (To add a holder see ACORD 25 Certificate - Add Holder to Existing Form)
  6. Select Yes, holder is an additional insured.
  7. Enter the Policy Company Code that matches the policy company selected on the ACORD 25 Certificate.

  8. Select Ok then Close.
  9. The form can now be emailed or printed.  
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