Transactional Filing

Transactional filing saves an activity item, by date, every time you touch a policy or client.

The Newton system allows you to view a historical application, schedule change, or any other Acord form exactly as it was printed by saving a copy in PDF form.

  • Newton transactional filing is automatic. Manual transactional filing is also available for permanent notes you need to make on a client. This information can be viewed by any CSR or operator serving the account.
  • Transactional filing is combined with filing by client. You can view all of the activity, by date, on a given client, or run history reports by date for the entire system.

  • E&O: Help prevent errors and omissions.
    • Every time you print an Acord form, a PDF file of the form is saved to the client and date for future reference.

    • Every time you send an e-mail from Newton, a copy of the e-mail is saved to the client or company and date.

The Activity Band in the Newton system lists historical activity on a client by date.
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